Scottish Electric Group Apprentice Intake 2017 – Electrical & Plumbing Apprentices – Apply Now

SEG has always been committed to training and developing young people. Our year-on-year commitment to skills replenishment secures the long-term success of the Scottish Electric Group and is integral to the future of the Scottish construction industry. We believe our apprenticeship programme, which presently employs 18 tradespeople, acts as a solid foundation for our young people to learn, progress and ultimately forge a strong career in the construction industry.

SEG offers a 4-year programme for apprentices. Each programme will provide our apprentices with as broad a reach as possible about their chosen craft and, alongside their trainers, are immediately given an understanding about the day-to-day operations of a construction site. SEG’s operates across a wide variety of sectors, ensuring that our apprentices are given a greater understanding about different kinds of projects.

Our Annual Apprentice Intake takes place every summer and this year SEG are looking to take on 5 new trades’ apprentices, one more than the previous year across both electrical and plumbing.

The closing date for applications is 30th June and we expect to offer roles to successful candidates by the end of July with the first college block starting mid to end of August.

SEG will be proud to welcome our new Summer 2017 apprentices!


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